Retirement in Cambodia


The Kingdom of Cambodia or Kampuchea in Khmer (the spoken language) is a South East Asia nation with a population of about 15 million. Cambodia has a landmass of 181,035 square kilometres (69,898 square miles), it is bordered by 3 other countries – Laos to the North, Thailand to the West and Vietnam to the East, to the South lies the Gulf of Thailamentnd, and is Cambodia’s only access to the sea.

Garment manufacturing and tourism is the current predominant source of foreign exchange for Cambodia. Oil and gas were discovered in 2005 off the shores in the South and commercial extraction is set to begin this year and will markedly change the economical landscape.

In recent years, with improvements in local health care and infrastructure, and relaxation in properties ownerships, and increasing cost of living in popular destinations like Thailand, Cambodia is increasing looked upon as a viable retirement destination.

Cambodia has a very liberal visa policy. One can choose to stay as long as one desires. A 6-month multiple-entry visa costs $$140 and a 1-year multiple-entry visa costs $270, easily renewed through any of the many travel agents in any city, without hassles.

While French is still spoken by the older generation, English is widely pursued by the young as evidenced by the number of English language schools and is taught in local schools. English is spoken at most, if not all, establishments frequented by foreigners.

The streets of Cambodia are as safe as any one finds in Western countries, in many instances safer. Firing of guns into the air to welcome New Year or festivals is a thing of the past, with the ban of the carrying of firearms enforced by the government in 1999. In fact, the carrying of arms by off-duty law enforcement is now prevented.

A retiree can live comfortably, not luxuriously, on $700 a month. This will cover your rent; meals, which includes eating out a couple of times a week; transport, a couple of times night out with the boys, or girls;

Cambodia, in other words, is set to be the new Thailand.

Retire in Cambodia


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